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JAck DuBrulWelcome to the world of geologist Philip Mercer. Since his 1998 debut in Vulcan's Forge readers have eagerly followed his exploits around the globe. From the frozen wastes of Alaska and Greenland to the deserts of Africa and beyond, Mercer has never stepped back from a challenge and never let the odds get in his way.

With each novel selling better than the previous, author Jack DuBrul decided it was time to give fans a glimpse behind the scenes, not only of Mercer's life, but his own. As he wrote in the acknowledgements page to The Medusa Stone, without the readers he's just a guy tapping at a computer. He wanted this site to be a gift to all of you who have made his books bestsellers and helped him fulfill his lifelong ambition of being a writer. Enjoy.



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Jack DuBrul
author of Havoc
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